40 Digital Prodcuts Moms Can Create To Make Money Online

The Roadmap Course (MRR) with FREE Beginners Guide to IG E-book

The Roadmap with master resell rights is a digital course that gives you the tools you need to unlock the full potential of your digital buisness journey. This course gives you a digital product, a course (in this case), that is designed FOR YOU to provide value and solve problems for your audience. With master resell rights, you not only have the right to sell this product for 100% profit, but can teach others how to do the same!

Mother' Guide to a Colorful Life without the Dye

After my oldets son was diagnosed with ADHD, I did just about eveything to prevent him from needing medication to control it and elimianting dyes was the answer! It changed our lives and I created this guide to share everything I learned with you. This 12 page guide was created for you to take the first step to elimianting dyes from you, or your little ones diet. With links to studies, dye-free alternative, what dyes to look for, how to avoid them, and dye detox included!